Individual problem solving available.

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It’s tough to put a price on peace-of-mind. Although our prices are standard, our services are personalized. We take extra strides to ensure your pets schedule is kept and that we are” tuned”  into their body language, communications and needs.  You will receive a complete estimate of all charges prior to our meeting your pets.  Please e-mail us at to create a service plan just for your pet!  If you require a service you don’t see here, let us create a plan for you.

Our benefits start with alleviating the need to drop them off and pick them up during the Boarding Houses hours.  They don't get stressed out by being in a cage 24/7.  We keep your pet calm and comfortable by keeping them in your home.  When we visit your house daily, we make sure all is safe, bring in the mail, newspaper, take out the garbage, etc.  Our costs are determined by the number of visits and services.  So if you have multiple pets, this is a deal!  We visit up to 5 times a day, traditionally for ½ hour visits, but more is available.  Overnight visits are possible also.

- Daily walks (up to 5 times a day)
- Feeding, walking, loving, playing
- Scoop litter box or pooper scooper
- Combing, Brushing
- Administering Meds
- Emergency Veterinarian Contact
- Bring in mail/newspaper
- Water Plants
- Adjust drapery and lighting

  to deter criminals
- Set out trash for pick up

- Cell phone pictures sent each visit


$15.00 per visit within Idaho Falls

$12.50 per visit Cats in IdAho Falls



We pick up your dogs at your home and take them out for lots of fun at some of the best off-leash areas in Idaho Falls.  Dogs that get exercise regularly are healthier & better behaved.  Pet Adventures provide outdoor

exercise with 2-8 dogs for 1-2 hours,

sunshine and just plain fun!  

We make sure your dog comes home clean by brushing or bathing. 
Starting at $15 per dog




Removal of Rover's remains:

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A clean pup is so nice to have around. 

That is what we focus on.  So no matter if they go on a Pet Adventure, are waiting for your return from vacation or it is just time for their grooming, we provide convenient, professional grooming. 

That includes picking them up and returning them home to you all fresh, clean and trimmed to your specifications.  We specialize in professional dematting ... whether it be cat or dog.... we can comb them out WITHOUT having to cut.


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We will pick up your pet and deliver them to your family vet for appointments, return your pet home.

$20 a visit within Idaho Falls


Individual, non-group 1 hour walk and swim.
$20 within Idaho Falls


Sitters’ schedules are set with one week’s notice.  Should your schedule change, please email us at or contact us two days before  your scheduled visit.



Does your dog need to be moved to another state?  We provide alternatives to the airline restrictions.  We'll drive them wherever and whenever you need.

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Certification for service disabilites.

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You CAN have an active, calm submissive dog who is happy to see you when you get home.  Try a Pet Adventure Today!



We adhere to a STRICT policy of NO OVERBOOKING.  Therefore, once you have contracted services, we will turn away business in order to accommodate your schedule. 24 business hours notice is required to guarantee schedule changes and receive credit for unused service. Cancellation fees may be imposed for repeated cancellations.

If a sitter arrives for your visit and you determine you do not want a visit, or your pet is not there, you will be charged for your regular visit, and On Caller Pet Adventures reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee.




The following holidays incur a $20 per visit Holiday Fee:

New Year's Day : December 31 - Jan 1

Thanksgiving Day: November 25

Christmas Eve: December 23

Christmas Day: December 24



If we have your house key on file, it is infinitely easier to provide service with short notice.


To be introduced to your pets

- Learn pets routines 


no charge within Idaho Falls


to schedule your pet's care.

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