Our Compassionate Pet Sitters are INSURED and BONDED:

Terri H.

Marisa H.

I have always had a love for animals since I was little. I worked at the Idaho Falls Zoo and had a once in a lifetime experience of holding and then playing with baby Snow Leopards.

I am aspiring to be a dog trainer.

Marisa is focusing on being a vet tech as a way to satisfy her passion for animals. With a blue healer by her side, Ruger, she envisions what it would be like to be that animal and what would make life better! She absolutely loves her job and working with animals on a daily basis.

Owner and Operator: Nancy 

I raised Guide Dogs for the Blind for five years and have been providing pet sitting and dog obedience since 2009.  Having lived in Eastern Idaho for the last 20 years, we simplify peoples' life's by providing care for their pets while they are away.  

We take care of all sorts of animals (dogs, cats, horses, lamas, iguanas, fish.... you name it) throughout Eastern Idaho including Blackfoot, ID to Rigby, ID. 

Many clients initially contact us when they are going out-of-town. Pet Sitting provides stress free care (by keeping the pups familiar schedule in your home) usually at a cost less than boarding. Our benefits start with NOT having to take your pet to the Boarding Houses to meet their schedule..  Our costs are determined by the number of visits and services. So if you have multiple pets, this is a deal!

While you are gone, we will be house sitting also. By coming to your home daily, we can make sure all is safe, bring in the mail, newspaper, take out the garbage, water plants, etc. We do provide overnight care, but traditionally, our pet siiting is half hour visits.  Grooming is available to provide a clean and trimmed pup to come home to.

Individual Pet Counseling and Dog Obedience Classes are provided to enable you to come home to a calm and happy dog.  We will come to your home to teach your pup and you how to interact favorably.  Daily walks and Pet Adventures are available to assist with hyperactive and unsociable pups.

We regularly volunteer at the Animal Shelter here in Idaho Falls and have traning in animal CPR and insulin injections.


We are locally owned and operated, bonded, AKC licensed and insured, providing comfort that pets are handled respectfully, safely and with compassion.


Call us to schedule your Initial Visit

(208) 521-9038

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info@oncaller petadventures.com

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